The Department of Symphony and Opera Conducting

The Department of Symphony and Opera Conducting belongs to the Faculty of Composition, Conducting, Theory of Music and Eurhythmics. Chaired by prof. dr hab. Warcisław Kunc, the Department is formed by distinguished Polish conductors who manage various Polish artistic institutions and are recognized at home and abroad. Members of the Department perform research on conducting, organizes courses and events to propagate and develop the art of conducting. 


prof. dr hab. Warcisław Kunc – Chair
prof. zw. dr hab. Jerzy Salwarowski
prof. dr hab. Marcin Sompoliński
dr hab. Jerzy Kosek, Academic Professor
dr Przemysław Neumann, Assistant Professor
dr Mateusz Sibilski, Assistant Professor
dr Monika Stefaniak, Assistant Professor
mgr Jakub Chrenowicz, Assistant Lecturer

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