The Chair of Vocal Studies

The Chair of Vocal Studies was established at the beginning of the term of office of rector prof. Stefan Stuligrosz (1967-1981). The first head of the Chair of Vocal Studies at the Vocal and Acting Faculty of the I. J Paderewski Academy of Music was prof. Irena Winiarska. Subsequently, the function was taken over by prof. Ewa Wdowicka, and since 2005 the position has been held by Grażyna Flicińska-Panfil, PhD, DSc, ProfTit.

In line with the assumptions underlying the establishment of the unit, the Chair supervises the process of educating students and coordinates activities of the teaching staff aimed at supporting the individual development of students. The tasks carried out by the Chair include both substantive conceptual work and organizational work related to conducting effective didactic process within the Institute of Vocal Studies.

The experienced and highly qualified staff of the Chair continuously improves their pedagogical and scientific skills, motivating vocal students to achieve high academic results. By giving concerts – in Poznań and other cities in Poland and abroad (including at renown music festivals) – pedagogues encourage students to achieve their own artistic successes. The dynamic and effective pedagogical work of the staff of the Institute of Vocal Studies gathered under the auspices of the Chair are supported by numerous and prestigious awards won by students at national and international vocal competitions. One can keep track of their achievements on the Academy’s website in the “Our Successes” tab.

The vocal development of students is also greatly supported by workshops and master classes conducted by outstanding artists and pedagogues from Poland and abroad. Quite often, students have the opportunity to take advantage of this additional form of education at their alma mater owing to the efforts of the pedagogues of the Chair.

The high level of the vocal preparation of young singers, observed by invited teachers, results in international and national intercollegiate exchange of pedagogues. The staff of the Chair successfully conduct courses and workshops in Poland and abroad and sit as members or chairmen on juries of national and international vocal competitions.

A significant task that has been undertaken by the Chair at the request of the staff, is the organization of a periodic international conference “Moniuszko in Memoriam – in the Circle of Polish Vocal Literature”. The first edition of the conference took place in 2012. As a part of its scientific activity, the Chair also organizes sessions and lectures, including outside the Academy.

The Chair provides patronage and substantive support to the Karol Kurpiński National Aria and Song Competition in Włoszakowice, Vocal Master Courses in Włoszakowice, Summer Vocal Courses in Drezdenko, and Summer Music Festival and Workshops in Kutno. The program activities of the Chair include the organization of concerts, both within and outside the Academy, with the participation of pedagogues and students.

The unit also undertakes initiatives aimed at collaboration and exchange of experiences with other units of the Academy and numerous cultural, artistic and scientific centers in Poland and abroad.


Members of the Chair of Vocal Studies

Grażyna Flicińska-Panfil. PhD, DSc, ProfTit – head
Anna Jeremus-Lewandowska, PhD, DSc, ProfTit
Iwona Kowalkowska-Szepielow, PhD, DSc, ProfTit
Wojciech Maciejowski, PhD, DSc, ProfTit
Marek Moździerz, PhD, DSc, ProfTit

Jarosław Bręk, PhD, DSc, ProfTit
prof. Barbara Mądra-Bednarek, PhD, DSc
prof. Joanna Kozłowska-Szczepaniak, PhD, DSc
prof. Małgorzata Woltmann-Żebrowska, PhD, DSc
Barbara Kubiak, PhD, DSc
Marzena Michałowska, PhD, DSc
Joanna Horodko, PhD, DSc
Jaromir Trafankowski, PhD
Paulina Zarębska, PhD
Piotr Maciejowski, PhD

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