The Department of Music Education

The Department of Music Education belongs to the Faculty of Choral Conducting, Music Education and Church Music. Founded in 1961 and chaired by doc. Edmund Maćkowiak, the then President of the State Higher School of Music in Poznań, it was originally named the Department of Music Education Issues. Ten years later, after prof. Maćkowiak’s death, the Department was headed by doc. Witold Rogal. Its successive chairs included doc. Halina Sobierajska (1975–1983) and prof. dr Antoni Grochowalski (1983–2012). Since academic year 2012/2013 the Department has been headed by prof. zw. dr hab. Leon Zaborowski. 

The Department conducts activities aimed at: 

  • updating the students’ learning process
  • updating musical education in the comprehensive educational system 
  • evolving educational materials for primary music schools
  • pursuing academic collaboration with related institutions at home and abroad
  • supporting the Student Academic Circle of Music Education. 

The main interests of the Department include:

  • theory and methodology of musical education in schools
  • popularization of systems developed by Emil Jaques-Dalcroze, Carl Orff, and Zoltan Kodaly, as well as innovative methods for musical education
  • promotion of musical art 
  • academic research that involves students’ participation (on such subjects as the profile of a music teacher in the comprehensive educational system, development of children’s music interests and preferences, effective methods used in music education, selected issues related to history, methods, programmes and textbooks in musical education)
  • development of teaching, artistic and mediumistic competence of teachers. 

The Department is responsible for organizing and supervising:

  • academic conferences, workshops, seminars and symposia (e.g. the annual International Conference from the series INNOVATIVE METHODS FOR MUSIC EDUCATION)
  • student academic conferences
  • concerts for children
  • concerts and competitions of school choirs (e.g. as part of the National Programme of School Choir Development “Singing Poland”)
  • collaboration with related schools at home and abroad
  • curricula, scripts and educational materials.

The Department closely collaborates with:

  • The Department od Music Pedagogy of the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre in Vilnius
  • Poznań Education Office
  • various schools, including the St. U. Ledóchowska School Complex in Poznań, School Complex with Integrated Forms No. 3 in Poznań, and the T. Szeligowski Secondary Music School No. 2 in Poznań  
  • Foundation of the Stuligrosz Choir “Poznań Nightingales”.
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