The Department of Accordion and Contemporary Music Interpretation

The Department of Accordion and Contemporary Music Interpretation established in February 2020 is an academic organizational unit operating within the Institute of Instrumental Music.

The activity of the Department is a continuation of the pedagogical activity of the accordion class previously conducted based on affiliation with the Chair of Wind Instruments and Accordion (1972-2015) and later with the Chair of Piano, Organ and Accordion (2016-2019).

The name of the unit reflects the range of artistic, teaching and research activities of its members. It is also substantively associated with solo and chamber accordion literature, which is largely based on the music of our time. Hence, in terms of interpretative issues of the music of the 20th and 21st centuries, extensive collaboration is forecasted with such departments as the Chair of Composition, the Chair of Rhythmics and Piano Improvisation, the Department of Music Creation, Perception and Notation, and the Electroacoustic Music Studio of the Academy of Music in Poznań. Musicians of other specialties, interested in the issues of contemporary music, also announced their participation in the works of the Department.


Members of the Department of Accordion and Contemporary Music Interpretation:

Teresa Adamowicz-Kaszuba, PhD, DSc, ProfTit – the head of the Department (accordion)

Janusz Stalmierski, PhD, DSc, ProfTit (composition)

Ewa Murawska, PhD, DSc, ProfTit (flute)

Katarzyna Stroińska-Sierant, PhD, DSc, ProfTit (composition, jazz piano)

Grażyna Czerwińska, PhD, DSc (piano, chamber music)

Kinga Ceynowa, PhD, DSc (rhythmics)


Observer members:

Jerzy Kaszuba, PhD, DSc, ProfTit (accordion)

Paweł Sławiński, MA (Ph.D. student, accordion)

Michał Gajda, PhD (accordion)

Julia Wolańska-Gajda, PhD (piano, chamber music: piano and accordion duo)

Łukasz Nowakowski, PhD (accordion)

Gabriela Leśniak, MA (accordion)

Michał Cholka, MA (accordion)

Grzegorz Uran, MA (accordion, composition)

Hubert Lutka, MA (accordion corrector)


The tasks of the Department are implemented in particular through:

  • organizing and conducting research and artistic activities as part of a long-term research project entitled “Accordion Playing in the 21st Century. Instrumentarium, Literature, Performance, History of the Discipline”,
  • profiling the topics of Scientific and Artistic Conferences and program of Intercollegiate Accordion Music Concerts within the International Accordion Days “AkoPoznań” organized every October (lectures, seminars, workshops, exhibitions), May workshops and “Mornings with Accordion Music”, concerts from the series “Accordion at the Academy”,
  • initiating and organizing research work, sessions and concerts addressed to the whole academic community of the Academy, concerning broadly understood musical culture of the 20th and 21st centuries, e.g. profiling the topics of subsequent editions of Academic Forums with reference to the program of the International Festival of Contemporary Music “Poznań Music Spring”; concerts from the series “Laureates of Music Competitions”, “Our Future”, etc.
  • preparing and introducing students to research work and artistic activity; coordinating the work of students’ Accordion Artistic and Scientific Club
  • developing artistic and scientific contacts with accordion centers in Poland and abroad and activating the accordion community in the music schools of first and second degree at the regional and national level.


ReInternational Accordion Days “AkoPoznan 2019” – accordionists from Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Lithuania, Croatia, and Canada:




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