The Chair of Orchestral Music

The Chair of Orchestral Music was established at the beginning of the academic year 2020/2021 at the request of the pedagogues of the Academy who called for more emphasis to be placed on education for the profession of an orchestral musician.

The tasks of the Chair includes:

  • improving the level of teaching of orchestral playing, and consequently better preparing students and graduates for auditions for orchestral ensembles,
  • preparing students for orchestral projects at the Academy and beyond,
  • organizing courses with outstanding orchestral musicians from Poland and abroad,
  • preparing for auditions for ensembles not only in terms of instrumental skills but also psychological competence – working with musicians, psychological coaches, courses, organizing training and meetings – psychological coaching,
  • raising funds for research, scientific and artistic activities – organization of courses, trainings and concerts,
  • aiming at creating a model of education of an orchestral musician in the second degree studies,
  • collaborating with other units in order to organize courses, concerts and other events.


Members of the Chair:

Jakub Haufa, PhD, DSc, ProfTit – head

Marcin Baranowski, PhD, DSc, ProfTit

prof.  Ewa Guzowska, PhD, DSc

prof.  Szymon Guzowski, PhD, DSc

Tomasz Lisiecki, PhD, DSc

Jakub Drygas, PhD

Joanna Kreft, MA

Igor Szeligowski, MA

Marcin Suszycki, MA

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