The Chair of Historical Performance Practices

Established in the academic year 2019/2020, the Chair of Historical Performance Practices emerged in 2008 as the Department of Historical Instruments. Since the beginning, the head of this unit has been harpsichordist Maria Banaszkiewicz-Bryła, PhD, DSc, ProfTit.

The Chair of Historical Performance Practices mainly undertakes research works improving the process of teaching playing historical instruments such as: traverse flute, recorder, historical oboe, historical bassoon, historical clarinet, natural trumpet, natural horn, historical violin, historical viola, historical cello, viola da gamba, lute, historical guitar, harpsichord, and clavichord. The Chair’s staff are outstanding instrumentalists educated in the most renowned centers specializing in early music performance (Brussels, The Hague, Basel, Geneva, Vienna, Leipzig).

The Chair of the Historical Performance Practices is the organizer of many artistic and educational projects, including:

  • National Harpsichord Competition “Wanda Lewandowska in memoriam”,
  • Composers’ Competition for a piece for harpsichord solo,
  • Academy of Early Music,
  • Early Music Chamber Forum,
  • Artistic and scientific session „Musica Antiqua Musica Miscellanea”,
  • International Conference for trumpeters “The Trumpet Shall Sound”.


In the  academic year 2009/2010 “Thursdays with Early Music” was initiated, a series of monthly concerts featuring performances by students and teachers. These concerts have become a permanent feature in the calendar of academic cultural events and has been attracting a growing number of listeners.

Since the academic year 2020/2021 two labs have been operating within the Chair of Historical Performance Practices: the Harpsichord and Basso Continuo Lab and the Medieval and Renaissance Music Lab.


The Harpsichord and Basso Continuo Lab

The Medieval and Renaissance Music Lab

Instruments in the Department of Historical Performance Practices

Scientific papers



Members of the Chair of Historical Performance Practices:

Maria Banaszkiewicz-Bryła, PhD, DSc, ProfTit – harpsichord

Jerzy Kaszuba, PhD, DSc, ProfTit – content-related cooperation

prof. Jarosław Thiel, PhD, DSc – historical cello

Mikołaj Zgółka, PhD, DSc – historical violin, historical viols

Natalia Hyżak, PhD – harpsichord

Henryk Kasperczak, PhD – lute

Krzysztof Stencel, PhD – natural horn

Karolina Zych, PhD – traverse flute

Agnieszka Tarnawska, PhD  – organy

Marek Niewiedział, MA – historical oboe

Dagmara Tyrcha, MA – harpsichord

Tomasz Wesołowski, MA – historical bassoon


Pedagogues collaborating with the Chair:

Maria Erdman, PhD – clavichord

Tomasz Dobrzański, PhD – recorder, historical clarinet

Michał Tyrański, MA – natural trumpet

Katarzyna Cendlak, MA – historical violin, historical viola

Maciej Kończak, MA – lute, historical guitar

Leszek Rembowski, MA – historical dance

Kamil Lis, PhD – harpsichord, organ

Monika Woźniak, MA – harpsichord

Justyna Wróblewska, MA – harpsichord


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