Moniuszko Redivivus – commemoration and promotion of Stanisław Moniuszko’s work on the 150th anniversary of the composer’s death.






Public task financed by  the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ot the Republic of Poland within the grant competition “Public Diplomacy 2022.


The amount of the grant: 150 000 zloty.
Total project value: 150 000 zloty.


The project “Moniuszko redivivus – commemorating and promoting the work of Stanisław Moniuszko on the 150th anniversary of the composer’s death” promoting the work of S. Moniuszko is carried out in two tasks:

1 / preparation of S. Moniuszko’s “Widma” (“Spectres”) opera and its presentation abroad.

The opera performance will be presented on the stage of the Philharmonic in Kaunas (21 November 2022) and on the stage of the Polish Dance Theatre in Poznań (14th October 2022).

2 / recording of a CD with S. Moniuszko’s chamber music with the participation of artists associated with the Ignacy Jan Paderewski Academy of Music in Poznań.

The repertoire includes selected vocal pieces and a string quartet by S. Moniuszko. In autumn this year a special concert promoting this publishing house will be held at the Academy of Music in Poznań. The CD will be widely distributed to schools, institutions, cultural centers and Polish diaspora centers.

Both tasks are aimed at increasing interest in Polish culture, and in particular in the significant achievements of one of the most important Polish composers, Stanisław Moniuszko, both in the country and abroad.





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