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Institute of Lutherie
ad. Ph.D. Piotr Niewiedział

Deputy director
Institute of Lutherie
lecturer Jan Mazurek, M.A


History of the Institute

The Institute of Lutherie was established as a result of the restructuring of the Academy in accordance with the provisions of the Act 2.0 Law on Higher Education and Science of 20 July 2018. In its present shape it stemmed from the Faculty of String Instruments, Harp, Guitar, and Lutherie, which functioned in 2007-2019. It was the youngest independent unit at the Academy, separated in 2007 from the Faculty of Instrumentation. Its first dean was prof. Wojciech Maliński, who held the position in 2007-2012. The present Institute continues the tradition of educating musicians-instrumentalists that dates back to the beginning of the Academy of Music in Poznań in 1920. The post-war history of the Faculty was created by eminent violinists, including prof. Jadwiga Kaliszewska, considered to be the creator of the Poznań violin school and “Mother of Masters” – the teacher of many outstanding graduates, now professors of the Academy. The Institute offers courses in classical music on stringed and plucked instruments as well as educating artist luthiers in the field of instrument construction and maintenance. Since 1978 the Institute has been the only one in Poland to specialize in artistic lutherie.


Characteristics of the Institute

The Institute of Lutherie offers education in the field of instrumental studies in the following specialties:

  • playing the violin,
  • playing the viola,
  • playing the cello,
  • playing the double bass,
  • playing the harp,
  • playing the guitar,

and as the only academic unit in Poland:

  • artistic lutherie.

The Institute comprised:


The Institute of Lutherie offers 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree courses. The mission of the unit is educating artist musicians, including soloists, chamber musicians, and orchestral musicians in the performance of classical music on stringed and plucked instruments, and educating artist luthiers in the construction and maintenance of the instruments. The mission is carried out through:

  • comprehensive development of musical and lutherie talents and skills,
  • teaching the craft of music and lutherie in master-student relations,
  • sensitizing to beauty which combines tradition and modernity,
  • shaping artistic taste and educating for creative activity for the benefit of national culture.


The Institute conducts scientific research and through substantive units it is the organizer and co-organizer of:

  • national and international scientific conferences, symposiums, concerts, courses and performance workshops,
  • national performance contests:
    • Zdzisław Jahnke Violin Competition,
    • Jan Rakowski Viola Competition,
    • Dezyderiusz Danczowski Cello Competition,
    • Adam Bronisław Ciechański Double Bass Competition,
    • Włodzimierz Kamiński Lutherie Competition.



Director of the Institute of Lutherie
ad. dr hab. Piotr Niewiedział:

Deputy director of the Institute of Lutherie
lecteurer, Jan Mazurek M.A:

Secretary of the Institute of Lutherie and the Institute of Jazz and Popular Music:
room 111
phone (+48) 61 85 68 933

Magdalena Kałek, M.A

Roksana Skieresz, M.A