The Chair of Chamber Music

Chamber music is an intrinsic element of the training process of every instrumentalist working under the guidance of teachers of the Academy of Music in Poznań. This very important branch of music, taking a significant part in shaping artistic personality, has been promoted by eminent musicians – professors of the Academy – from the very beginning of its existence. One of them was Zdzisław Jahnke, who took up the post of violin professor at the then State Higher School of Music in Poznań; he was the rector of the School and later the head of the Chair of String Instruments. He led a violin class, chamber ensembles, and a symphony orchestra. He was also a co-founder of the Polish Quartet made up by: Zdzisław Jahnke – 1st violin, Tadeusz Gonet – 2nd violin (later Władysław Witkowski and Ludwik Kwaśnik), Tadeusz Szulc – viola (later Jan Rakowski), Dezyderiusz Danczowski – cello. Another important person who influenced the development of chamber music in Poznań was Zdzislaw Jahnke’s successor – Edward Statkiewicz, a high class violinist, professor and head of the Chair of String Instruments.

Over the years, the name of the unit has undergone transformations. As the Chair of String Instruments and Chamber Music it was headed by prof. Jadwiga Kaliszewska, an outstanding teacher and eminent violinist, doctor honoris causa of the Academy, the originator of the cycle “Masterpieces of Chamber Music” permanently inscribed in the cultural life of the city.

In the following years, the unit functioned as the Chair of Chamber Music, and subsequently as the Interdepartmental Chair of Chamber Music. Since 2012, there have been two chairs at the Academy of Music in Poznań: the Chair of Piano Chamber Music and the Chair of Chamber Music. For many years, heads were successful teachers and outstanding instrumentalists: prof. Bartosz Bryla, prof. Andrzej Tatarski, prof. Bogumił Nowicki.


The main tasks of the Chair include:

  • developing scientific research programs and substantive supervision of the research of the Chair’s staff,
  • organizing concerts, courses, and scientific conferences,
  • publishing scientific, didactic, editorial, and audio materials related to the activities of pedagogues associated with the Chair, representing various specialties, also in collaboration with others,
  • presenting the artistic and scientific achievements of the staff,
  • collaboration with music centers and institutions in Poland and abroad.


The Chair conducts artistic and scientific activity in the field of chamber music within the specialties represented by pedagogues associated with the unit. Students and teachers actively participate in many periodic concerts organized in Poznań regularly for many years, as well as in occasional events held outside the Academy. The specificity of the Chair of Chamber Music encourages close collaboration with other chairs, as exemplified by the organization of the Academic Conference “Musica Archi” together with the Chair of String Instruments.

Members of the Chair of Chamber Music

Mariusz Derewecki, PhD, DSc, ProfTit – head

Bartosz Bryła, PhD, DSc, ProfTit

Marcin Murawski, PhD, DSc, ProfTit

Krzysztof Sowiński, PhD, DSc, ProfTit

prof.  Grażyna Czerwińska, PhD, DSc

prof.  Arnold Dąbrowski, PhD, DSc

prof.  Ewa Guzowska, PhD, DSc

prof.  Szymon Guzowski, PhD, DSc

prof.  Dorota Kwiecińska-Erenz, PhD, DSc

prof.  Piotr Niewiedział, PhD, DSc

Lech Bałaban, PhD, DSc

Izabela Mrozek, PhD, DSc

Anna Starzec-Makandasis, PhD, DSc

Aleksandra Bryła, PhD

Tomasz Kandulski, PhD

Joanna Zathey-Wójcińska, PhD

Eugeniusz Zboralski, PhD

Mateusz Gidaszewski, MA

Michał Francuz, MA

Piotr Kosarga, MA

Paweł Mazur, MA

Marcin Suszycki, MA

Patrycja Wachowicz, MA

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