Instrumentalist Institute


About us

The Institute of Instrumental Music is the largest institute in terms of the number of pedagogues and students at the Faculty of Instrumental Studies, Jazz and Popular Music. Students have the opportunity to study two majors – Instrumental Music and Historical Performance Practice and 31 specialties within 7 departments and 1 Department:


Chair of Piano,

Chair of Organ,

Chair of Brass Instruments,

Chair of Woodwind Instruments,

Chair of Piano Chamber Music,

Chair of Historical Performance Practice,

Chair of Percussion

The Department of Accordion and Contemporary Music Interpretation.


The Chair of Piano Chamber Music is the unit that integrates chamber music projects, offering great opportunities for collaboration among students of various specialties. The structure of the Institute allows combining the activities of particular departments, creating new synergic development opportunities. About 250 students study at the Bachelor’s level (1st degree), Master’s level (2nd degree) as well as at Doctoral level (3rd degree). The unit was emerged from the 2nd Faculty of the previous structure of the academy, which, based on the parameterization of art schools in Poland, received the highest “A” category in 2017. This has given rise to a number of new development opportunities in terms of staff, structure (new specialties), and infrastructure. The huge investments made in instruments and library resources used by the Institute provide excellent motivation for both students and educators, and are an excellent base for the development of the entire academic community. The Institute’s staff consists of outstanding artists, often of worldwide renown, who turn their artistic achievements into inspiration for young generations of instrumentalists. The Institute also provides opportunities for artistic collaboration between students and pedagogues, while a wide range of subjects and theory faculties supports the humanistic and intellectual development of young adepts of the arts. At the academic level, the pedagogues are involved in the organization of international projects including:

– International Piano Competition “Halina Czerny-Stefańska in Memoriam”,

– Academic Organ Competition,

– scientific sessions “In the Circle of Piano Chamber Music”,

– National Percussion Competition,

– National Harpsichord Competition,

– Academy of Early Music,

– concert series “Colors of Wind Instruments”

– international festival “Sax event”,

– international trombone conference “Thromboholism”.

In the course of continuous development, the Institute of Instrumental Music has introduced the possibility of studying in English at the faculty of Instrumental Studies. A well-developed network of foreign contacts results in a lively collaboration with universities and teachers from Europe, the United States, Russia, Australia, which gives an opportunity to confront the highest world level, both in the field of teaching and music performance.