V JSFest International Choir Competition in Turku, Finland

Dear musician friends,
by decision of the International Cultural association of Turku (Finland) the 2017 JSFest Choir Contest, dedicated to Jean Sibelius will take place from November 9th to November 14th 2017.
We welcome you to Finland! Please read the following details and have a look at the attached flyer to apply for the Contest. Do not hesitate to spread the notice among your friends/choirs.

1. General Information
1.1. International Cultural Association of Turku is extremely proud to be an organizer of the Vth JSFest International Choir Competition in Turku, Finland – motherland of the famous Finnish composer Jean Sibelius. All information regarding the festival can be found on our website www.jsfestcompetition.com

1.2. Registration
JSFest Choir Competition is open to musicians of all ages. All the collectives are divided into adult, youth and children categories. The registration form is published on our website www.jsfestcompetition.com
Applications will be accepted from 5.01.2017 to 30.06.2017. Remember that after the deadline June 30, 2017 we will not admit more applications.

1.3. The musical program will include evaluation performances, Friendship Concert, Opening Concert as well as Grand Prix performances, Award Ceremony and Closing Concert. We also offer numerous master classes.

1.4. Prizes
In each competition (Adult, Youth and Children Categories) a winner will get €2000,00. Special prizes will also be awarded.

2. Venue
Concert performances and rehearsals will be held in the Cathedral of Saint Martin and in the Conservatory of Turku.

2.1. Travel to Turku
Travel expenses to and from Turku are not included in the package fee.
You can travel:
– by air at the airports of Helsinki or Turku,
– by train from Moscow or St-Petersburg to Helsinki and then from
Helsinki to Turku,
– by bus, car

2.2. Costs
We offer economy program (meals are not included in the economy program, only accommodation and participation) and standard program (accommodation and meals breakfast and dinner buffet are included).
Economy program for participants with accommodation in single room costs €240, double room €210, triple room €160 and in the 4 persons’ room €130.
Standard program for participants with accommodation in single room costs 290€, double room €240, triple room and in the 4 persons’ room €190.

2.3. Other
Optional sightseeing tours can be arranged at the participant`s request. Please inquire for more details and pricing. The organizers are very much looking forward meeting you in the charming and exciting city of Turku.
Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to contact us: info@semconsulting.fi
Please join us on Facebook: our group is Jsfest Contest