4th annual eMuse Online Music Competition


“eMuse” is an annual music online competition for performers of classical music, where you can showcase your skills and compete for numerous outstanding prizes.

By making a video recording of 1-3 pieces of your choice, you can win the main prize of the competition – solo performance in the concert hall of the Acropolis Museum in Athens, Greece. Among other prizes: participation in the summer festival Megaro Gyzi in Santorini, performance at the Byzantine Museum in Athens and at the Niko Art Gallery in Moscow, as well as cello and violin bows, and sets of Thomastik strings.

Thanks to the Internet, which has become an integral part of modern life, eMuse Competition opens new prospects and new opportunities for musicians around the world.

To learn more go here: http://www.themuse.gr/ecompetition/eMuse-competition.html